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Welcome to the Office of the Auditor for the State of Hawaiʻi. Our mission is to improve government through independent and objective analyses. We provide audit reports to the Legislature and the public about how effectively state agencies are providing services and using public money, thereby keeping government transparent and accountable.

Recent Reports

Analyses of Proposed Special Funds and Revolving Funds 2021

Report No. 21-04

We reviewed 75 House and Senate bills proposing 51 special and revolving funds during the 2021 legislative session. None satisfied the criteria set forth in Section 23-11, HRS, for proposed special and revolving funds.
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Review of Special Funds, Revolving Funds, Trust Funds, and Trust Accounts of the Department of Health

Report No. 21-03

We reviewed 70 funds and accounts administered by the Department of Health (DOH) and its administratively attached agency, the Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation (HHSC). We found 7 special funds, 1 revolving fund, 3 trust funds, and 2 trust accounts did not meet criteria. We recommended 7 special funds be repealed or closed. We also recommended that 1 revolving fund, 2 trust accounts, and 1 trust fund be reclassified. Lastly, we recommended that DOH reevaluate and reclassify two trust funds because multiple programs, with distinct purposes, intents, and uses, appear to be operating out of these funds.
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Department of Health, Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund

June 30, 2020 Financial Statements and Single Audit Report

The auditors from KMH LLP reported no deficiencies in internal control over financial reporting that were considered to be material weaknesses and no instances of noncompliance or other matters that are required to be reported under Government Auditing Standards.  There were no findings that were considered to be material weaknesses in internal control over compliance in accordance with the Program.
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