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Welcome to the Office of the Auditor for the State of Hawaiʻi. Our mission is to improve government through independent and objective analyses. We provide audit reports to the Legislature and the public about how effectively state agencies are providing services and using public money, thereby keeping government transparent and accountable.

Recent Reports

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2023 Annual Report
Office of the Auditor

The 2023 Annual Report highlights the Office of the Auditor’s work from July 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023. It includes summaries of a performance audit of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs; a financial and program audit of the Department of Health’s Deposit Beverage Container Program; financial audits of 21 agencies and programs as well as many other reports, reviews, and assessments published by the Office of the Auditor.

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 24-05, Audit of the Department of Human Services’ Child Welfare Services Branch

 Report No. 24-05

In Report No. 24-05, we found the Department of Human Services struggled to license foster homes in compliance with legal requirements, creating risks that children were placed in unsafe or inappropriate environments.  In addition, the department contracted with private organizations to expedite the licensing process but did not monitor and evaluate its contractors’ performance to ensure they satisfactorily delivered the services they were paid to provide.

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24-02, Audit of the Hawai‘i State Hospital’s Implementation of the Hawai‘i Information Portal

Report No. 24-02

In Report No. 24-02, Audit of the Hawai‘i State Hospital’s Implementation of the Hawai‘i Information Portal, we found that instead of streamlining payroll processes by providing greater functionality and efficiency, the hospital created an even more labor-intensive system that still relies on the constant flow of paper.

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